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Destroy Windows 10 Spying Final {B4tman} Download

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This software destroys espionage on Windows 7/8. The app is a clear source code, which is on github. This application completely destroys espionage. Removes telemetry and disables others, disables Windows Defender, Cortana, and more. Because the software disables Windows Updates, you may remain anonymous and not receive updates from new spyware. Deleted Metro apps are great because they run in the background and use memory, and some of them spy on you.

It also blocks many Microsoft IP addresses, i.e. data, and adds a lot of spyware to the hosts.

Almost the entire program is unchanged and should not be deleted even after pointing to the system.

It is currently the most suitable software. The app develops and enhances a large community of Windows 10 users, some help rewrite the code in a more productive code, and others help translate the software into other languages

Destroy Windows 10 Spying Final {B4tman}

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