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Connect to your mobile account! WeChat is one of the most popular instant messaging services. Like WhatsApp and Messenger, WeChat is available for many platforms, including Mac, Android, iOS and Windows. With the desktop version, you can chat and share your files and connections. You must register with a phone number to use the desktop version. The Windows version is an add-on for mobile software, not an alternative. To start WeChat on Windows, just open the mobile app and press the QR code displayed on the PC screen. When finished, WeChat will log in to the desktop version (function () {(‘preview-application-page-desktop’);}); Working software to talk, send files and more! As fast and efficient communication becomes increasingly important to the world, there are several online messaging services. This is important for staying connected outside your mobile device. Thus, the downloadable version of WeChat allows you to chat with friends, share files and more on your computer with a simple and clean interface. It is a lightweight software that allows you to manage file transfers, conversations, and location settings directly from Windows Configuration with a friendly interface. As mentioned above, setting up is very simple and does not take long. However, you must download the WeChat app for your smartphone to continue the desktop login process. Without a mobile app, you will not be able to verify access to the app files and you will not need to use someone else’s QR scanner to verify yourself. WeChat for Android and iOS includes a special scanner in the app. As a security feature that ensures that your software data is not connected to the desktop version, you can start using WeChat on your computer immediately. In the Settings menu, you can save your conversations, messages and file transfers. As the smartphone connects to Windows, messages are placed on all devices without additional file transfer and location sharing. If you are downloading WeChat for PC, it is the perfect way to chat with phone contacts on the desktop. In fact, you receive notifications on the desktop whenever someone wants to connect with you. WeChat makes it easy to send large files to friends and family. Of course, transferring files to desks and laptops is much more important than on smart phones, especially when using WeChat. In addition to file transfers and chats, you can make interesting conversations with photos and screenshots. The desktop version comes with an awesome screen capture device that automatically drops over the windows around you. This simple personalization makes WeChat the best choice for Facebook and Skype – no video or audio is the most important feature of the latest version of WeChat – it helps you share documents, photos and other files directly from your Windows computer. If your friends use WeChat on computers or smartphones, they will receive the file immediately. The smooth interaction between the platforms makes WeChat a powerful Windows social network that provides cloud storage and allows you to easily store your files. You can save copies of photos, audio files, videos and other data from a Windows computer or mobile phone. Just add files with drag and drop interface to the specified location. You can use them later if they have a photography tool is another good feature. It allows youcapture and send screens in connection. With this tool, you can easily add text and shapes to your photos. In addition, it allows you to take a special part of the desktop to use as an image. If you are a fan of memes and GIFs, this tool can help you create a part of your account, if you use WeChat as your main instant messaging service on your tablet or smartphone and the WeChat desktop helps you create quick daladalas that can be easily answered by talking and transferring files between a mobile device and a computer. With a friendly configuration, it’s easy to use without connecting to multiple devices! Of course, WeChat for PC is a great addition to smartphone apps. However, you cannot use it without a mobile phone account. Downloading the WeChat app is a great way to communicate with friends comfortably without looking at your smartphone.


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